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Sound Advice for LC/RC

Fr. Thomas Berg, former Legionaire priest who, in a rather high-profile decision, was incardinated into the Archdiocese of New York, recently gave an interview in which he spoke charitably, cautiously, and yet candidly.  Some highlights:

  • “That inability to see and honestly recognize the flaws and errors that so many people outside the Legion are able to see speaks volumes. The Legionaries should be reminded that it is not the task of the Holy See to reform the Legion. The Legion will only be genuinely reformed when it reforms itself from within. But that can only begin with a self-examination that arises from within the Legion and owns up to the Legion’s errors.”
  • “I hope that the Legion will very quickly accelerate its disavowal of, and disassociation with, Fr. Maciel. On that point, I see no other way forward.”
  • “The Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi are composed of hundreds of good, holy men and women of God. I have the deepest esteem for so many of them.”
  • “At the core of serious problems in the internal culture of the congregation is a mistaken understanding and living of the theological principle – in itself valid – that God’s will is made manifest to the religious through his superior.”
  • “Furthermore, Legionary norms regarding ‘reporting to,’ ‘informing,’ ‘communication with,’ and ‘dependence on”‘superiors constitute a system of control and conformity which now must be considered highly suspect given what we know about Fr. Maciel. They furthermore engender a simplistic, and humanly and theologically impoverished notion of God’s will (its discernment and manifestation) that breeds personal immaturity.”
  • “This question – whether there is a genuine institutional charism present here or not – is very serious and, as it presents itself in the case of the Legion, unprecedented in the history of the Church.”

I know that I myself, and many of you readers, are particularly interested in the situation regarding the Legion of Christ and its imminent series of Apostolic Visitations – especially those of us who have some degree of involvement with Southern Catholic College and its constituents.  Read the full interview here.

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