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The Daily Logos VIII

“In the Christian faith we are told about ourselves, about our history, and about the world.  We are told both how things are and ho they ought to be.  But these teachings are coherent only when they are taken within a setting provided by a special understanding of God.  Words like ‘incarnation’ and ‘redemption,’ ‘eucharist,’ ‘charity,’ ‘sin,’ ‘conversion,’ and ‘hope,’ when used in a specifically Christian way, do not simply name things that show up in human experience; what they name is determined by the God who is involved with such things.  God himself, as god, does not appear in the world or in human experience.  He is not the kind of being that can be present as a thing in the world.  And yet, despite this necessary absence, he is believed to be that which gives the definitive sense to everything that does appear in the world and in experience.”

-Monsignor Robert Sokolowski, The God of Faith and Reason

What Msgr. Sokolowksi says here is simple, introductory, and indicative of the ineffably profound depths of metaphysical inquiry—that which necessarily, if faithfully and honestly performed, ends in theological inquiry.  The transitory stage between natural reason and Divine revelation requires a constant change of perspective, from observing the world as it is as human beings, to understanding the world in the light of the Divine, as that which is in the world only insofar as it permeates the world; the world does not contain those things that are of the Divine.  Truly, a mystery worth contemplation.

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