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The Daily Logos XXII

“Nothing is more certain than that whatever has to court public favor for its support will sooner or later be prostituted to utilitarian ends.  The educational institutions of the United States afford a striking demonstration of this truth.  Virtually without exception, liberal education, that is to say, education centered about ideas and ideals, has fared best in those institutions which draw their income from private sources.  They have been able, despite limitations which donors have sought to lay upon them, to insist that education be not merely a means of breadwinning.  This means that they have been relatively free to promote pure knowledge and the training of the mind; they have afforded a last stand for ‘antisocial’ studies like Latin and Greek.  In state institutions, always at the mercy of elected bodies and of the public generally, and under obligation to show practical fruits for their expenditure of money, the movement toward specialism and vocationalism has been irresistible.  They have never been able to say that they will do what they will with their own because their own is not private.  It seems fair to say that the opposite of the private is the prostitute.

“Not only does the citadel of private property make existence physically possible for the protestant; it also provides indispensable opportunity for training in virtue.  Because virtue is a state of character concerned with choice, it flourishes only in the area of volition.  Not until lately has this fundamental connection between private property and liberty been stressed; here in the domain of private property, rational freedom may prove the man; here he makes his virtue an active principle, breathing and exercising it, as Milton recommended.  Without freedom, how is anyone to pass his probation?”
-Richard M. Weaver, Ideas Have Consequences

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