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Logos [12-30-09]

“Thinking and writing about God may happen in various ways, from different perspectives, in different styles and with different questions to ask.  What the word ‘God’ stands for is never a matter of indifference, which one can decide freely to think about or not.  God is always, in one way or another, a matter of ultimate concern, and as such the name is already invested with a complex web of meaning, in the light of which human beings interpret their life by giving it a determinate form and orientation.  One cannot, therefore, think about God without being in some way related to and engaged in a particular context of human culture in which ‘God’ enjoys a certain objectivity in religious beliefs and practices of worship, in ecclesiastical institutions, in ethical regulations of human behaviour, or even in the form of an existing philosophical tradition of searching fro wisdom and truth, leading to God along the way of speculative knowledge.  In this sense ‘God’ is never to be approached without presuppositions and on neutral ground, but is always the focus of a complex whole of thoughts, feelings, attitudes of hope and fear, of longing and love, and so on, and thus the object of the highest human aspirations, and at the same time the object of dogmatic regulations and stipulations by which the religious community tries to establish a normative consensus of orthodox truth.  What God is and what the implications of belief in God are for human life is never something that can be freely decided on as a matter of individual preference; belief in God, especially in the Middle Ages, has an objective reality insofar as it shapes a collective form of life in all its aspects.”
-Rudi te Velde, Aquinas on God

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